Terms & Conditions

If you place an order with Irish Log Cabins you agree to accept the following terms and conditions:

1) Definitions

The following words shall have the following meaning respectively: The Supplier – Irish Log Cabins; The customer – the person named on the invoice who ordered a product/service; The product- A wooden structure and/or other product(s)/service(s) as stated on the invoice.

2) Price

2.1 The price for the building shall be set out in an Invoice. In events of any alterations made after the initial order has been placed, such as specifications, quantity, etc., the price may have to be re-adjusted appropriately.

2.2 All prices quoted are in Euro and include 13.5% VAT. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the supplier without any written or verbal notice been given. Orders are accepted at the sole discretion of the supplier.

3) Payment

3 The deposit of the price agreed on the Sales Order shall be paid before processing. The deposit is non-refundable. On receipt of the deposit and the signed Sales Order the supplier will take the steps to supply the goods ordered. Customer by paying deposit automatically agrees with our T&C..

3.1 Payment when the supplier erects the cabin

3.1.1 Upon price agreement, 50% deposit is required before processing the order. Once the payment has been made, the supplier will begin taking steps to supply the goods ordered.

3.1.2 Upon completion of plans of the product as well as manufacture, 40% payment is required before the said product will leave supplier’s facilities and be delivered to a customer

3.1.3 Upon completion of building of the product a final 10% payment is required.

3.2 Payment when the supplier supplies a product as a flatpack

3.2.1 Upon price agreement, 50% deposit is required before processing the order. Once the payment has been made, the supplier will begin taking steps to supply the goods ordered.

3.2.2 Upon completion of plans of the product as well as manufacture, the remainder 50% payment is required before the said product will leave supplier’s facilities and be delivered to a customer

3.2.3 Any payments on account by the customer to the supplier may be set off by the supplier against any liability, cost or expenses incurred by the supplier in complying with the invoice in event that the customer should breach the agreement.

4) Ownership

4.1 The product remains the property of the supplier until the full sum stated on the invoice is paid.

4.2 The supplier is entitled to repossess any product supplied to the customer in respect of which payment is overdue and thereafter to re-sell the product. For this purpose, the customer hereby grants an irrevocable rights and licence to the supplier or its agents to enter the property where the building is installed.

5) Delivery

5.1 The supplier will only deliver goods of the highest quality and every effort is made to display only items are manufactured or stocked by the supplier

5.2 Delivery date stated on the invoice is intended as an estimate or guide only and may change. In an event of an unexpected change to delivery date, the customer will be informed immediately.

5.3 From time to time, the supplier may not be able to meet its usual delivery times due to order volumes and production requirements of certain products. In the event of a delay, the customer will be informed immediately, and adequate solutions will be provided. Shall this occur, the customer will be given an opportunity to order an alternative product, have the product delivered as soon as it’s available or to cancel the order.

5.4 The supplier shall not be liable to the customer for any third party loss, damage or alteration directly or indirectly or consequential to any property, undertaking or event caused by or arising from or connected with any delay in delivery of the goods or failing to execute an order or delivery or cancellation of the agreement.

5.5 The customer will allow and/or procure sufficient access to and from the location stated on the invoice, for the purpose of delivery of a product. The customer will be contacted before the delivery is made and it is in customer’s interest to make sure that the site is cleared and prepared before delivery commences.

5.6 The supplier reserves the right for the delivery of the goods to be kerbside only.

5.7 In the case where supplier is unable to deliver goods due to the poor access to the site, the supplier reserves the right to incur additional costs relating to storage of the product at supplier’s facilities and scheduling another delivery when access to site is available.

6) Warranty

6.1 The supplier warrants only the goods stated on the invoice and supplied by it to the customer, subject to ordinary and reasonable wear and tear.

6.2 The warranty period may vary depending on product/service provided and will be stated on the invoice. 6.3 Relocation of the product supplied, unless under the supervision of or conducted by or with the written approval of the supplier, will void the warranty.

6.4 The supplier will not be liable for any damage or other adverse consequence to the goods supplied and sold to the customer caused directly or indirectly by a failure or neglect on the part of the customer to properly maintain them and to comply with the supplier’s maintenance instructions. Changes or alterations to parts or components unless approved or performed by the supplier or his agents are at customer’s risk.

7) Measurements

7.1 All measurements on Irish Log Cabins are external measurements and do not represent internal measurements when the product is finished. Internal measurements may also vary if insulation is added.

7.2 Base size will be provided by the supplier on the drawings of the product. If the base isn’t provided by the supplier or its agents, it is customer’s responsibility to make sure correct base is poured. Incorrect base size may delay product delivery and incur additional charges and the supplier is not liable unless the base was provided by it or its agents.

8) Maintenance

The supplier requires that the product is to be sealed with outdoor silicon (especially in horizontal and vertical joint areas) and treated with quality wood treatment of customer’s choice in accordance with the application instructions for the product within 4 weeks of final completion of the product.

9) Exclusions

9.1 The supplier is not liable to the customer or any third party for loss, damage or alteration whether direct or indirect or consequential to any property, undertaking or event caused by or arising from connected with delay in delivery of the goods or failure to execute an order od delivery or cancellation of the agreement.

9.2 Failure on the part of customer to ensure all preparation is done for delivery and installation of the product within agreed time frames may cause delays and incur additional charges.

9.3 The supplier or its agents will not be held liable for any damages or injuries to goods, property or person arising from inadequate site preparation on the part of customer or his agent.

10) Authorities

10.1 It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain all permissions and consents, including authority permission, planning permission or any other additional documentation and authorization required by law, if applicable. The supplier is not liable if the customer orders and receives a product that does not have authorization and/or needs to be taken down as a result.

10.2 Where the customer authorizes access through adjacent property for the supplier’s use during delivery and/or installation, it is customer’s responsibility to obtain permission from the owners of the adjacent property for such use and the customer agrees to be responsible and accept the risk and liability thereof.

11) Additional Works

11.1 The supplier shall provide any extra works required in line with supplier’s specifications appropriate to the goods purchased be the customer at the extra price agreed

11.2 If extra work such as electricals and/or plumbing are undertaken by third parties which are not to the supplier’s specifications or are not supplier’s agents, the supplier will not be responsible for any damage or alterations done during or any loss caused by fittings of electricals and/or plumbing. The supplier does not guarantee such work.

11.3 If a base is ordered, the supplier shall provide a base suitable for the size of the product and guarantee such work. If the customer does not require base from the supplier, the supplier accepts base constructed by the third party in a matter between the third party and the customer and holds the supplier free from liability for any adverse consequences arising. In particular, if the base is not build to the specification of the supplier, the supplier will not be responsible for defects caused to the product supplied by the third party base.

12) Courtesy

Referrals to third party contractors by the supplier to the customer are given as a professional courtesy only. The supplier is not responsible for any subsequent conduct or services provided by referrals.

13) Returns

13.1The supplier does not accept any returns for personalised product(s).

13.2 If customer’s delivery hasn’t arrived or is late/delayed, the customer must inform the supplier as

quickly as possible by phone and by email. This is to ensure that the delivery is not carried out mistakenly after cancellation. It is advised that the customer confirms with the supplier that the order has been cancelled.

13.3 If the customer is unhappy with the product once it has been delivered, he can arrange shipping back to supplier’s premises in Kilkenny at his own cost for an exchange or refund. This is assuming there is no damage and the priduct is unused. 13.4 Supplier does not offer products on a trial basis.

13.5 A restocking fee of roughly 20% will be applied on any returns. All booklets and supporting material must be returned with proof of purchase. The supplier must be informed of returns within 7 days of purchase and returns must be made with 14 days of the supplier being informed. Customer’s statutory rights are not affected.

13.6 For any further assistance, the customer can call supplier’s customer service team on 056 780 0024 with any issues he may have. The supplier will work hard to ensure satisfaction for all customers.

14) Lead Time

The supplier indicates lead time as a guidance only. At busy period the lead time may increase.

15) Product Storage

Customer will be notified in advance about the delivery date of the product. It is client’s responsibility to have site ready for the product to be delivered on the agreed date. Product can be stored for delayed delivery, but additional charges will incur.

16) Product Finishing

All of our products are pre-finished. Sanding, filling, painting and sealing is required.

17) Website

17.1 The supplier makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on its website is correct and up to date.

17.2 The supplier will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of this website or the information on it.

17.3 The supplier will make every effort to keep this site's accuracy and the reliability of the access to this site. The supplier can’t be held responsible for the content of any other website to which the site links to. These links are provided for visitor’s convenience only.

17.4 The supplier reserves the right to make changes to this website and these terms at any time. The terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

18) Privacy Statement

The supplier is committed to protecting customer’s privact. Names, addresses and e-mail addresses are collected for order deliveries only. The supplier never discloses customer’s information to third parties.


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