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Clare Chalet 7m x 3m 4x3 + 3m Gazebo

Product Code: EC201 21 sqM - 45mm Log Free Floor insulation - 23 x 10 ft

Base Price: ‎€6,390.00

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Floor insulation:

Roof Type:

Laminate Floor 8mm German AC5/32 With Underlay INSTALLED :
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Electric ECO WiFi Panel Heaters :
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Roof Insulation:

Clare Chalet Flat Pack includes:
  • 45mm solid walls
  • Pressure treated floor bearers 51x100mm (4x2")
  • 19mm TG floor boards
  • 19mm TG roof boards
  • Roof type: Pent
  • Double glazed Premium quality wooden living type doors toughened safety glass
  • Double glazed Premium Plus quality Tilt & Turn wooden living type windows toughened safety glass
  • Fixings & Screw Pack included
  • Cabin Drawings Assembly Booklet included
  • Free floor insulation
  • Black roof shingle bitumen tiles
  • Roof damp proof underlay felt
  • Available space required minimum of 600mm around the cabin for building and maintenance

Fully Built includes:
  • Assembly by our professional log cabin builder team
  • 45mm solid walls
  • Pressure treated floor bearers 51x100mm (4x2") perimeter floor bearers 100x100mm
  • Damp proof membranes in floor , roof & walls
  • 19mm TG floor boards
  • 19mm TG roof boards
  • Roof type: Pent
  • Double glazed Premium quality wooden living type doors toughened safety glass
  • Double glazed Premium Plus quality Tilt & Turn wooden living type windows toughened safety glass
  • 100mm Floor insulation
  • 100mm Roof insulation
  • Exterior Ventilated Cavity Wall System Fitted (Total exterior wall thickness 189mm )
  • 100mm Wall insulation inside Exterior wall with Breathable Membranes & Ventilated Air cavity to ililinate Dampness
  • Pressure treated ship-lap exterior cladding (IMPORTED Kiln Dried slow grown siberian Spruce)
  • Steel roof
  • PVC Black Gutters and downpipes
  • Available space required minimum of 600mm around the cabin for building and maintenance


Not Included: Groundworks, Concrete slab, Electrics, Plumbing, Heating, Kitchen, Painting.

    Log measurements: 3000× 140 mm
    Front Wall height:2.32m (7' 7")
    Back Wall height: 2.07m (6' 9")
    Volume:21 m2
    Door opening measurements:
    Roof boards: 19 mm
    Roof area: 22 m2
    Roof gradient: 10˚
    Roof type: Pent
    Number of windows: 2
    Internal Area: 21 m²
    Wall U-Value (W/m2k): 1.93t
    Wall thickness: 44 mm Assembly Time: 1 - 2 Days This time is an approximation, based on two people building the basic product with no added extras. Assembly time may vary with additional items such as roof shingles, or external circumstances like the weather. Door Opening Size: 1,43 x 1,99 m
    Door style Double


Premium Wooden windows & doors come as standard, have 24mm Argon gas filled toughened safety glazing, thicker frame & premium locking mechanisms. All our windows and doors carry a 10 year warranty.

Frames come in WOOD and PVC. Below you'll find our wooden frame and some of our PVC colours.

    Price Guide For Utilities:

      • Plumbing €1,000 - €2,500
      • Heating €1,000 - €5,000
      • Sewage and Water Mains €1,000 - €3,000
      • Kitchen €1,000 - €5,000
      • Bathroom €1,500 - €5,000
      • Electrical Work - guide price of €65 per internal electrical point
Recyclable Eco Friendly Insulation
  • Here at Irih Log Cabins we use Earthwool insulation – the “new generation” of glass wool – Manufactured from recycled materials. All our fully built cabins are built with external wall insulation that has double cavity walls, designed specifically to last a lifetime in the Irish climate . Our exterior walls come with a damp proof membrane, additional cavity for ventilation and exterior cladding facade that will secure your new home from heat loss, damp and wind for many generations to come.
  • Exterior Cladding available in pressure treated timber cladding as standard, Log style tongue and groove kiln dried cladding or sand and cement plastered finish depending on client requirements or planning authorities spec.

  • Environment
  • Because log cabins are built from wood or logs, they are more 'greener' or environmentally friendly than their brick built counterparts. This is because a timber home uses more natural resources than brick and concrete homes.

  • Carbon footprint
  • They also use less energy to manufacture than other types of building materials.
  • Our Log cabins are highly energy efficient. Our Fully Built cabins with standard Exterior Cavity Wall system specification gives you approx. B3 Ber rating. Since the requirement of heating are alot less, compared with a conventional irish building, Alot less energy is needed in providing a heatsource for your new space lowering your carbon footprint! There is less impact on the enviroment as a result.

  • every little helps...
  • Our cabins, With addition to exuding a warm sort of earthiness with their appearance, also have another bonus "Wood itself provides natural insulation".

  • Warmth...
  • If your Irish you`ve been in a house with no heat on, or even that rental house with the drafts and dodgy insulation, cold parts you just cant seem to warm!
  • Have you ever touched that concrete wall? its cold, then touched the wooded surface its alot warmer?
    Now, with heat on the wood surface it gets warmer it doesnt absorb the energy, soak it up for hours and stay relativly cold. Cant picture that?
    You`ve stepped on that concrete or tile floor in your bare feet... enough said
    This is the same warm effect all over the inside of your Log cabin!

    Maybe NOW you can picture a warm comfartable space.

    Also worth mentioning our Cabins workout alot cheaper than RENT.

  • Our Log cabins are highly energy efficient. Our Fully Built cabins with The standard Exterior Cavity Wall system specification fitted gives you approx. B3 Ber rating.

  • Sustainable
  • Wood as you know is a sustainable and renewable raw material.
  • We support ecological and responsible timber manufacturing. New wood also has the added advantage of smelling nice as well.

  • ... Overall, if you're considering building a home that has less environmental impacts, is more sustainable, and can be a healthy home to live in, a log home may be right for you!


    The base of a log cabin is the most important part of any log cabin build and should be a flat area that is minimum of 2″ above the ground and level. You can choose a concrete slab or timber frame with blocks. Damp course in the form of heavy gauge plastic can be used before the installation of your cabin creating a vapour barrier beneath.

    Customer Foundation
    • Customers guarantees level foundation to our specifications unless you have pre-arranged with us to install the base for you. Please contact us to get specifications for your log cabin base.


    Timber Frame and Block Foundation
    • We can install our pressure treated timber frame foundation for additional cost. Base is placed on the concrete blocks concreted into the ground. Which Includes free damp proof membrane. Client provides solid surface or hardcore prevent from sinking. Extra charge may apply – Where Grounds are not to our specifications.

    Our Concrete Slab
    • Subject to on site visit. Our expert team will provide a steel reinforced concrete slab with ventilation and radon gas barrier.
    • Client provides solid surface to prevent slab from sinking while setteling. A Solid surface is necessary with hardcore (Broken stone) with access to gravel (804 grade chips) on site. – Where Grounds are not to our specifications Or level enough. Extra charge may apply to bring in mini excavator or appropiate equiptment
    Damp Proof Breathable Membrane
    • All our fully Built cabins are protected with damp proof membrane fully covering the structure and insulation externally all around, this technology keep the moisture away.
    • Breathable membranes are water resistant but vapour permeable. Typically they are used within external wall and roof constructions where the external cladding is used. Function; A breathable membrane is positioned on the outer side of the insulation, allowing vapour to escape from inside (preventing sweat, leading to damp or mould) while repelling any water that tries to enter.

    Premium Double Cavity Exterior Wall Insulation System
    • We are one of the few companys in Ireland that provide this service.
    • External log cabin wall insulation system will protect the structural wall of the cabin, you will not lose any of the internal space inside the cabin compared to the cheap internal wall insulation installed by our competitors. Where there is more chance of getting damp and reduce the space internally of minimum of 6 inches (or 150mm) of your living space on your exterior walls. Also Where there is no air gap for ventilation.
    • 100mm external insulation comes as standard with all our standard exterior system specifications that gives you approx. B3 Ber rating.


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