Home Office Buildings

The Kelly Barna Duraboard building is ideal for a home office. Our high spec come with both floor and roof insulation. We’d be happy to advise on power supply and data networking.

A great alternative to the log cabins, they are the perfect solution for working from home or for on-site offices.


Reasons to purchase an outdoor home office

  • Low overheads; in this tough economic time every euro counts. In turn you will be more competitive, lowering your customers costs could increase your business.
  • No commute; You can be efficient with your time, think of the work you could have completed while doing your daily commute.
  • Flexibility; You can mind a sick child or make that dentist appointment at a time which suits you!  You are your own boss.
  • Routine; You can still leave home and go to work vice versa.  When work is over you can lock your office door and leave work behind.
  • Space; De clutter your house or free up a bedroom both home and work will be more peaceful