About us

Barna Buildings, Ireland’s leading outdoor building company are a family run business who has been providing outdoor buildings for 40 years. As time evolved we realised the importance of versatile quality buildings to create that much needed extra space. Hence the advent of log cabins. Barna building log cabins are the ideal solution for the home officegymbarworkshop what about a teenager/games roomtherapy room or granny flat, the possibilities, are endless.


Why us?

With over 40 years’ experience sawmilling many varieties of timber we know the pitfalls and have taken the sourcing of these buildings very seriously. Having visited many manufacturing plants throughout northern Europe, we found our solution in Estonia a country with a great tradition in cabin building and geographically well placed to source the slow growing dense grained timber necessary for quality cabin construction.

In addition this factory has the most advanced automation available which guarantees unbeatable quality. As these buildings arrive directly to us with no middleman you get a luxury product at a very affordable price.


Quality Assurance

Barna buildings realise, as with purchasing any product it is always good to shop around. Take a look at the following check list which should help compare price and quality.

  • Be careful that the dimensions of the cabin are correct. We measure from outside wall to outside wall whereas a number of our competitors include protruding parts of the cabin thus making comparisons confusing.
  • Make sure your cabin is produced from slow grown timber. Quick growing pine is cheaper but will eventually discolour.
  • Insist on a quality roof covering. Felt shingles look well but we prefer something more durable. Our basic roof covering is onduline with a felt underlay. You won’t have roof problems with a Barna Building!
  • Is your cabin being professionally assembled. Some companies hire different erecting crews when needed – their workmanship will vary.
  • Is the wall beam thickness correct for the size of building? Most buildings look the same from a distance you can purchase a 4 x 4m building with a 35mm or even 28mm single grooved wall beam which is obviously cheaper but not so obviously different.